Modernization of electrical
locomotive includes

Končar – Electric Vehicles d.d., has many years of experience in the modernization of electric locomotives. Locomotives that are modernized and thyristorized in the company Končar – Electric Vehicles d.d. are now used in the fleets of numerous operators in the countries of Southeast Europe.

  • Reconstruction of the driver's cabin according to the technical, safety, ergonomic and aesthetic regulations and requirements
  • Replacement of existing main drive inverters with new, modern inverters
  • Installation of modern static converters of auxiliary drive
  • Installation of a new compressed air production system
  • Digitalization – implementation of a microprocessor control system
  • Installation of energy consumption measurement system according to EN50463



  • Increasing reliability and availability of vehicles in traffic
  • Increased uptime between two major repairs
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Increasing the towing capabilities of the locomotives
  • Realization of the automatic driving function (speed maintenance)
  • Realization of effective anti-slip protection
  • Improving the working conditions and environment of the driver
  • Installation of an energy consumption measurement system according to EN50463.