The low-floor tram TMK 2200 provides a stylish and functional approach to public transport with a distinctive design and superior technical characteristics.
We also offer the tram TMK 2100, which has a classic design and high-floor.

TMK 2200 is a 100% low-floor tramcar. The state-of-the-art concept, 300 mm entrance height, air-conditioning, ergonomic seats and panoramic glazing together with fine-tuned hydraulic suspension and rubber cushioned wheels provide a comfortable ride.
The car body is articulated, made of welded steel construction with powered bogies. Three-phase asynchronous motors, driven by IGBT inverters, provide a maximum speed of 70 km/h.
The main vehicle control unit connected by modern communication protocols to vehicle subsystems (converters, brakes, suspension, doors and air conditioning) together with the ergonomically shaped and air-conditioned driver’s cabin ensures a comfortable and userfriendly working environment for the driver.

The low-floor tram TMK 2200 has been in regular service in Zagreb since May 2005. Between 2005 and 2010, 140 five-section and 2 three-section modern low-floor trams were delivered to the city of Zagreb.
In addition to the low-floor trams, 16 trams of TMK 2100 series, with a classic bogie and chopper, were also delivered to the city of Zagreb.

Basic technical characteristics of low-floor tram

  TMK 2200 TMK 2200-K
  100% low-floor, articulated, one-directional tramcar
Rail gauge 1.000 mm 1.000 mm
Maximum Speed 70 km/h 70 km/h
Overhead Contact Line Voltage DC 600 (+20%, -30%) DC 600 (+20%, -30%)
Car Body Length 32m 21m
Car Body Width 2,3m 2,3m
Car Body Height, ARL 3,4m 3,4m
Floor Height, ARL 350mm 350mm
Entrance Height, ARL 300mm 300mm
Passenger Seats 41 27+8
Standees 161 (4 passengers/m2) 95 / 84 (4 passengers/m2)
Wheel Diameter New / Worn 660 / 605 mm 660 / 605 mm

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