Electric Multiple Units

The construction, design and driving characteristics of the low-floor electric train enable successful implementation and superb traveling comfort in regional passenger traffic in regard to the length of the route.

Passenger space is uniform along the entire train, without partitions and stairs. Floor height is optimal for 550 mm high platforms. The train has up to eight doors on each side, which enables the rapid exchange of passengers, and an air-conditioned passenger compartment and driver’s cab.

The main frame is a four-part welded steel construction linked with joints. The body consists of aluminum sandwich panels and windows. All bogies are equipped with air suspension systems, and two side drive bogies, while three free bogies are of the Jacobs type.

Three-phase asynchronous traction motors, fed from an electronic IGBT inverter provide high acceleration at start-up and a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The steering and diagnostic system is a microprocessor system that links the train subsystems with modern communication protocols that allow for linking up to three trains into one. 

 Main characteristics of EMU (Electric Multiple Unit)

  • bright, passenger-friendly interior with customized design
  • end-to-end walk-through passenger compartment, with no steps
  • up to 8 doors on each side for  rapid passenger access
  • air-conditioned passenger and driver compartments
  • vacuum toilet-system, also suitable for disabled persons
  • ergonomically designed driver’s cab
  • welded steel construction, glued aluminium sandwich panels
  • glass-fibre reinforced front section with automatic coupling
  • air-suspended bogies
  • redundant traction chain with IGBT power converters
  • microprocessor vehicle control system with train bus and diagnostic
  • multiple-unit control for up to three vehicles

Main technical specifications

  • Gauge: 1435 mm 
  • Catenary supply voltage: 25 kV, 50 Hz
  • Axle arrangement: Bo'2'2'2'Bo'
  • Seating capacity: up to 220 
  • Standing capacity (4 pers./m2): up to 300
  • Floor height: 600 mm
  • Door width: 1300 mm
  • Overall length: 75 m
  • Vehicle width: 2885 mm
  • Vehicle height: 4280 mm
  • Maximum weight: 172 t
    • powered bogie: 2700 mm
    • trailer bogie: 2700 mm
  • Bogie wheel base
  • Continuous power (on wheel): 2000 kW
  • Starting traction force: 200 kN
  • Max. acceleration at gross weight: > 1 m/s2
  • Max. deceleration: > 1,3 m/s2
  • Maximum speed: 160 km/h


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