Electric Locomotives

Locomotives modernized and thyristorized in Končar are still used in many countries and in different variants. 

The benefits of a modernized and thyristorized locomotive are:

  • Increased reliability and availability of vehicles in traffic 
  • An increase in service time between two major overhauls
  • A reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased traction of the locomotive
  • The possibility of an automatic driving function (to maintain speed)
  • Implementation of effective anti-slip protection
  • Improved working conditions and environment for the driver 

Main Technical Characteristics

  • system:                      25 kV, 50 Hz
  • continous output:      3860 kW
  • max. speed:               120-140-160 km/h
  • wheel arrangement:  Bo’ Bo’ & Co'Co'
  • gauge:                      1435 mm
  • operator:  HŽ,  ŽS,  ŽFBH,  MŽ,  SNCFR, TCDD

Modernisation Brochures