Diesel-Electric Multiple Units

Diesel electrical units or trains are three-fold low-floor compositions consisting of two drive units with a driver cab each one and a central segment.

The train passenger area is a unique and spacious separated with partitions that do not close the room visually, but protect passengers from cold or hot air during opening of doors. There is also space provided for transport of bicycles, wheel chairs and similar. The low-floor feature enables easier entrance of passengers from standard height platforms while train also have built-in hydraulic lifts for easier access to people in wheelchairs.

Three-phase asynchronous traction motors provide high acceleration at start-up and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The steering and diagnostic system is a microprocessor system that links the train subsystems with modern communication protocols.

Diesel-electric trains (DEMU's) for Crotian Railways will be manufactured on electric multiple units platform, providing the standardisation of the equipment and enabling the customer easier usage and significantly lower exploitation and maintenance costs comparing to older train compositions.


Main characteristics of DEMU (Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit)

  • System of active and passive safety of passengers and operating personnel in accordance with the latestcrashworthiness standards
  • High ride comfort: Air suspension system; HVAC system; comfortable seats
  • Wide entrance doors and the floor in the platform level enable easy and quick exchange of passengers
  • Multi-purpose space for persons in wheel-chairs and the hydraulic lift for their easier boarding / disembarkment
  • Ecological, vacuum-type toilette suitable for the persons in wheel-chairs
  • Passenger information system (PIS) with visual and audio announcements
  • Video-surveillance of the whole passenger area
  • Space for passengers’ bicycles
  • Ergonomically designed and air-conditioned driver’s cab
  • Possibility of multiple operation of up to 3 DEMUs
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs

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DEMU Brochure