Activities and Resources

The main activity of Končar Electric Vehicles is the development, production, modernization, and maintenance of electric vehicles and equipment for electric vehicles. The aim of development activities is to adapt vehicles and their subsystems to specific customer requirements. 

Current development projects include low-floor trams for wider tracks and extended temperature range, a low-floor diesel-electric train, a multi-system electric locomotive, and vehicle power systems with greater energy efficiency.

Končar Electric Vehicles has about 250 employees, more than one-third of whom have university degrees. Continuing professional development of our employees is a key part of the Company. More than 50 engineers and Masters of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with extensive work experience are involved in business development of electric vehicles and their subsystems.

Končar Electric Vehicles owns all the equipment necessary to design, manufacture, overhaul, repair, reconstruct, modify and modernize electric railway vehicles and their components, including the infrastructure for transport links with the public railroad and road network, and facilities for materials storage. In carrying out any work, and in our overall business, Končar Electric Vehicles complies with the requirements of quality management standards under ISO 9001:2015 and environmental management under ISO 14001:2015.

  • Calculations, construction and testing of the vehicle as a system
  • Calculations, construction and testing  of individual components
  • Partnerships in the design and manufacture of vehicles and components, service for upgrades, testing, maintenance, as well as participating in complex infrastructure projects